New Construction Window Installation

Why choose new construction windows installation for your Andersen Windows & Doors . CCI Construction Inc. will completely remove the old trim, or the stucco chiseled back, we will remove your old window right down to the studs of your home. It is a little more expensive this way but it is the best way to install new Andersen windows. We strive for perfection in every detail of the process, resulting in a perfect fit on every window in every home.
If your home is stucco, we’ll fold back the paper & wire and properly flash the windows leaving them water tight. We will then tape all your windows and cover with plastic for protection as we repair the stucco. We will then apply a base coat around the new windows. After the base coat is dried, texture and finish coats are expertly applied so when complete; it will match your existing stucco perfectly.
If your home is wood, we will replace the wood trim and do a final exterior caulk of your new windows. This will give a brand-new look to the exterior. The inside is carefully caulked and sealed water tight as well.