A-Series hinged patio doors make a dramatic statement and add great ventilation. Their French door styling goes well with any home style. Made of wood protected by fiberglass, it’s our best-performing hinged patio door.

  • Maximizes space with the ability to open into a room or outward to best fit your home’s layout
  • Wood protected by fiberglass
  • Designed for architectural authenticity
  • Available in standard sizes as single panel, 2-panel and 3-panel configurations. Custom sizes also available.

Architectural Style Made Easy

Our best-performing hinged patio door
Designed for architectural authenticity

What's It Made Of?

Made of wood with a fiberglass exterior to
resist water and seal out the elements.

Energy Efficiency

It’s built into every door. We have options to
help you meet the performance level you need.

Gliding Patio Door

  • Our best-performing gliding patio door
  • Six interior wood options, available either stained or painted, protected by fiberglass exterior
  • Single panel, 2-panel, 3-panel and 4-panel configurations available

Awning Window

  • Virtually maintenance-free aluminum exterior to resist water and stand up to the elements
  • Made-to-order in nearly any shape, size, color, interior wood species or finish

Casement Window

  • Weather-resistant design makes this our best-performing casement
  • Wide array of style options including factory-finished wood interiors for architectural authenticity
  • Triple-pane glass options provide exceptional energy efficiency

Double-Hung Window

  • Our best-performing double-hung
  • Wood protected by fiberglass and Fibrex® composite material
  • Stained and painted wood interiors offer architectural authenticity

Specialty Shape

  • Our best-performing specialty windows
  • Our widest variety of specialty shapes
  • Designed for architectural authenticity

Picture Window

  • Our best performing picture window
  • Wood protected by fiberglass
  • Beautiful wood options for architectural authenticity